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HIT, in order to promote transportation/environmental research in Greece and to support the relevant authorities, has created a Mobile Lab for Environmental and Traffic Measurements. It has been financially supported by PEP of Central Macedonia and by the support program for Competitiveness of EPAN, in the framework of the initiative for “Excellence within the technological research”. The Lab has the goal to provide the tools for collecting and analysing data, which will assist actions for the reduction of environmental pollution and traffic related problems.

The Mobile Lab includes a number of scientific environmental and traffic measurement instruments, as well as the proper supportive equipment, such as a static base which carries HORIBA CO, SO2, NO, NO2, Ο3 & NOx analysts on air, a sampling and a calibration HORIBA system, an air humidity and temperature measurement sensor, a wind-gauge and a wind-vane sensor, a road profile recording georadar of high quality and analysis ( 900MHz sensor), several traffic parameters measurement sensors and a traffic volume measurement radar, a digital noise measurement instrument (Class 1 IEC 61672), and finally a processing and tele-transmission system for the data collected by the environmental instruments and traffic measurements. A power supply generator of alternative current (measurements can be done during Lab motion) is also on board.

The Lab can perform the following:

• Gas emission – pollution measurements

• Weather condition measurements (temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed)

• Sub-surface profile plotting

• Traffic parameters registration and traffic volume measurements

• Noise measurements

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